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How Loxbear Advisory delivers productive change to lenders looking to innovate and evolve...


Business-Led Change

Delivering tangible business gain through managed operational change. Loxbear Advisory recognises the unique circumstances facing every business tackling change. Collaborating with leadership teams, we build and implement simple, actionable roadmaps that ensure investment return from even the most complex commercial initiative.


Unlocking Legacy Investment

Significant scale change is tough, with outcomes and returns unpredictable. Incremental change and improvements from existing technology and operating models can often generate material and near-immediate business gain. Loxbear Advisory works with leadership teams to identify and unlock dormant returns from historic investments.


Simple Pathways

Businesses no longer exist in product or sector silos. Irrespective of market, budget or resource, every customer experience is compared and contrasted with the excellence and innovation of the very best. Loxbear Advisory helps leadership teams appraise existing delivery models, identify opportunities for improvement and business gain whilst developing strategies and approaches to deal with the challenge presented by tomorrow’s customer.


Infrastructure Strategy

Aligning operating models with commercial ambitions. Whether building an infrastructure to support a new venture, overhauling an existing model or entering new markets, Loxbear Advisory helps leadership teams ensure that long-term operating decisions reflect and support their commercial goals.

Our expertise

Rob Harris

With operational and commercial expertise gained from 20 years in senior roles across both secured and unsecured lending markets, Rob has a successful track record of designing and implementing target operating models, of managing change portfolios and of leading the development of inventive, market changing products.

Alex Hilton-Baird

Alex has over 20 years’ experience in the invoice finance market, having built and established one of the most respected finance brokerages and risk management groups in the industry from a standing start.


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