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We are fortunate to work at a hugely compelling nexus of funding, risk management, technology, economics and, most of all, change. A world that’s continually throwing up new ideas, inventing new crises and sponsoring urgent debate.

These pages provide our take on a variety of “Issues of the day”, highlighting areas relevant to the progressive, contemporary lender, as well as key announcements from Loxbear Advisory.

Fraudsters are continuously learning and improving. But are we?Fraudsters are continuously learning and improving. But are we?

Tansy Cunningham | 6 June 2023

It’s no secret that fraudsters are growing ever more sophisticated in their methods – constantly improving their tactics and tricks to evade detection – and the anecdotal evidence across the asset based finance sector is that fraud and client failure are on the rise. In this article I share my thoughts on how we, as an industry, can get better at giving our teams the tools to identify the signs, trends and technology that will help us to deal with the challenging times which lie ahead.

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Do I belong here?Do I belong here?

Tansy Cunningham | 26 April 2023

Have you ever felt that you’re not quite right for the business or role you are in? I am talking about the topic of cultural belonging, and how the culture of a business can affect the dynamic of a team and the impact it can have on success. In my first article for Loxbear, I explore the importance of culture on a company’s performance, and how implementing culture transformation can create a true sense of belonging for your team.

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Loxbear Advisory appoints new Director to strengthen support to IFABL marketLoxbear Advisory appoints new Director to strengthen support to IFABL market

18 April 2023

The invoice finance and ABL advisory firm, Loxbear Advisory, has strengthened its team with the appointment of Director, Tansy Cunningham.

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Digital vs. physical operating models: An improved balance in 2018?Digital vs. physical operating models: An improved balance in 2018?

Rob Harris | 30 January 2018

When asked how transitory fashions and trends might influence his business, Henry Ford often shot back: “You can’t learn in school what the world is going to do next year.” But when it comes to the financial services sector, is there an obvious pattern of events that’s shaping how the industry will develop in 2018? We look at the balance between digital and physical operating models to see if we can find the answer.

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From accident to design: Can outdated operating models be modernised?From accident to design: Can outdated operating models be modernised?

Rob Harris | 31 October 2017

While every business has an operating model, many are a by-product of past strategies, goals and technologies which have been left unchecked to shape the business as it is today. We explore how large organisations can reverse this trend and implement a model that reflects their current needs and ambitions.

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Aligning the invoice finance sectorAligning the invoice finance sector with the needs of its customers

Rob Harris | 14 September 2017

Despite a growing appetite amongst lenders and recent advances in the range and workings of invoice finance products, the sector continues to struggle to increase its client base. We consider whether this is down to a question of design, and explore how well the market is aligned with the changing demands and requirements of its customers.

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