Success Story: Creating a Documented Inventory of Operating Processes

Client requirement

Having recently completed the acquisition of a regulated, privately owned consumer loans provider, a FTSE 250 listed financial services group appointed Loxbear Advisory to create a documented inventory of operating processes and procedures.

The scope extended to include customer acquisition and onboarding, loan underwriting, loan management, balance repayment, default and collections, inbound and outbound payment transactions and banking reconciliations.

The client required all processes to be mapped and documented through preferred in-house mapping tool IBM Blueworks. Whilst aiming to help reduce aggregate operating risk, the project delivered a series of specific, material benefits, including:

  • Allowing the acquirer to capture, document and collate the existing stock of operating knowledge
  • Identifying any areas of immediate operating or regulatory concern that may have been missed through transaction due diligence
  • Provide a framework for the assessment of future Target Operating Model options
  • Groundwork for a future Standard Operating Procedure Manual

Loxbear Advisory’s approach

Loxbear Advisory were on-site for 10 days, adopting a practical approach that saw the scoped operating functions reviewed through both group workshops and individual interviews.

Each area was reduced first to key milestones, then into individual process steps and finally into physical work packages. The last step was to describe activity at its most granular – often down to individual lending system screens and required keystrokes.

The research was packaged and played back to the client through the Blueworks system, with a pack produced for each function containing a walkthrough process flow diagram. Each milestone and process step was directly linked to a description of its objective and the operating steps required to complete it.

A straightforward example of the practical, cost-effective operating support that Loxbear can provide.

“Loxbear Advisory played a valuable role in helping us capture operating process knowledge post acquisition.
Practical, cost-effective support.”

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